Should I Hire An Assistant?

Like many business owners, because you’ve been advised that delegating will solve your issues of overwhelm and help you focus on the priorities, you may have thought about hiring an assistant . Unfortunately, without clear systems and processes in place, it’s almost impossible to delegate effectively, and any relief is usually short term. You can easily end […]

Success Story – Kevin Finn

“I hired Jodi to help me over a month’s time and experienced a huge reduction in clutter and an increase in personal productivity and satisfaction.”

Success Story-01

“The systems Jodi implemented help me handle the tedious details of managing my business more efficiently and effectively, and trust that things aren’t falling through the cracks. Feeling more on top of things allows me to relax and focus on my creative work.”

Success Story-06

“Having Jodi work with me to setup personalized systems is probably the best investment I have made yet in my business. I have never come across anyone who can accomplish more in such a short period of time with such clarity and ease.”

Success Story-04

“Jodi accomplished significant objectives in helping us to adopt more streamlined policies and procedures. She has a keen eye for improving and making a more efficient process in the office setting.”

Success Story-03

“Jodi can help you with a very wide variety of needs ranging from creating organizational systems to setting up financial tracking procedures. Being the (recovering) perfectionist that I am, I rarely remember being this happy with anyone’s services!”

Success Story-09

“Jodi is able to quickly assess a company’s functional needs, and assist to help internal systems and processes run more efficiently and effectively.”

Success Story – Barry Gerin

“Jodi worked with me to develop systems and habits that keep me on top of my recurring tasks and focused on my priorities.”

Success Story-07

“Jodi has the mindset of an entrepreneur and can anticipate what I need to make business decisions. It is amazing how much I have been freed up to do what only I can do for my business!”

Success Story-08

“Jodi is always looking for the next innovation that will save me time and optimize my operations. We’ve adopted the use of her favorite tools for executive productivity to track our activities and projects, and help me stay on top of deadlines and priorities.”