How long have you said…

“When I get organized, things will be different!”?

There’s definitely no shortage of information available about getting yourself, your business or a project organized. Google and Amazon can easily verify that. If you’re a skilled and disciplined DIYer you can find the information you need and get things in order on your own. Wait, before you jump over to Google or Amazon right now, there are some important questions to ask yourself…

How many books, ebooks or webinars have you purchased to help you get organized? How many workshops have you attended? How many of them say the same thing, just in different words? How much of the information have you put into sustained practices? And, most importantly…how long have you been saying…“When I get organized things will be different!”?

The authors/speakers made it sound so easy. They promised this information would make a paradigm shift in your business. Many business owners and executives have confessed to me that they repeatedly feel like a failure because they have bought (and sometimes actually read) the books, and watched the webinars. They repeatedly ask themselves “Why can’t I get my act together?” If this sounds familiar to you, I want to reassure you that you’re not alone, and it’s not you!

The problem with most books, telecourses and webinars on the subject of organization is that the information is simply pushed at you and hyped up. The authors want you to believe that getting organized can be quick and easy. I’m sorry to tell you, there is no magic wand! It will take time and effort to systemize and organize your business. But, it will be worth it, because once you do…many tasks will be quicker and easier and your business will be prepared to grow! The alternative is continuing on the path of stress, frustration and failure.

You may have even hired a professional organizer in the past, who cleaned up some messes for you and put things in order. It was great for awhile, but you soon ended up right back where you were. So, what’s the difference in my approach? Here it is in one word… implementation.

To get where you want to be, you need more than just information and inspiration…and you need more than a quick band-aid fix! You need guidance and support…you need practical solutions…and you probably need a reminder or nudge now and then. And, probably most important, you need to be a full participant in the implementation process for the changes to be sustainable.

My small business organizing and productivity programs are designed and paced to get you beyond information overload and past the decision making, to a functional, organized operation that is ready and able to grow.

Using a logical and intuitive approach, through fully supported group or one-on-one programs, we will work together to put systems and practices in place that help you manage your time, tasks, projects, money and people more efficiently and effectively.

I’m excited for you and your business…I can’t wait to see what you do when you get things in order! Together we will take it step by step until you get…

…Beyond Information and Inspiration…to Implementation