Small Business Organizing and Productivity Training Programs

  1. Money Matters & Business Basics QuickBooks and Beyond
  2. Information IntegrationPaper “less” Systems & Data Management
  3. Systemize & Optimize Tracking Tools, Checklists, Templates, and Forms
  4. Get Productive (Not Busy)Time, Task and Email & Contact Management

How We Can Engage

I recognize that there are differences in learning styles and budgets, so we can work together in a few different ways.

1. Private One-on-One Consulting/Training/Coaching
This format is definitely the most customized and in depth form of engagement. It also offers the most education and training to prepare you to carry forward and apply the principles of organization to future situations on your own. The pace and length of the engagement are determined based on program modules included, client time availability and objectives. The standard structure is as follows (but can be modified).

  • 120 minute weekly private sessions
  • Scheduled phone support/accountability in between sessions
  • Unlimited (within reason) email support during engagement
  • Customizable Templates in Word, Excel or PDF format

2. Small Group Supported Workshop Series  (6-10 participants)
This format benefits from peer interaction and support. You get to see and learn from others who are facing similar challenges. This is also the most cost effective option. Group programs are offered at various times, both in person in the Southern California area and virtually via live web-based meetings.

  • Includes all of the components of private training programs listed above (except the meetings are group instead of private and may be every other week), plus…
  • Private Facebook Group for peer support and accountability

3. Customized “Done for You” Setup and Training
If you want more hands-on help getting everything in place to run your business smoothly, many of the setup and implementation details can be handled for you.  Basically, the “homework” part of the above programs is done for you. This option requires less of your time to get the changes and improvements in place, but you know your business better than anyone, so you are still an integral part of it’s success.

  • Discovery and assessment sessions (with you)
  • Decision making and planning (with you)
  • System/solution setup
  • Training sessions (with you)
  • Optional – recruitment of Administrative Support staff/contractors, and training

Discounts apply to multiple program module commitment and prepayment.
ayment plans available. Ask about current promotions.
Please call to discuss your needs and the best program for you.


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