Small Business Organizing and Productivity

  1. Money Matters & Business Basics QuickBooks, Receipt Management, Invoicing, Bill Payment and More
  2. Information/Communication Management – Dropbox, Outlook, Gmail and More
  3. Systemize & Optimize Process/Workflow, Task Tracking, Checklists, Templates, Forms, and More
  4. Home Office Design & Setup – (click for more info)


I recognize that there are differences in learning styles and budgets, so we can work together in different ways. Both approaches below include assessment and strategy, then  system setup and refinement, followed by training sessions. Ongoing follow-up support is always available.

One-on-One Consulting/Training/Coaching (“Hold My Hand”)
This format offers most education and training to prepare you to carry forward and apply the principles of organization to future situations on your own. This approach is for the person who learns best by doing, wants to know how things work, and has the time and is committed to regular sessions as well as doing the “homework” in between to keep the progress moving forward. The pace and length of the engagement are customized to meet your availability and objectives.

Customized Setup and Training (“Just Get Me There”)
If you want more hands-on help getting everything in place to run your business smoothly, many of the setup and implementation details can be handled for you. Basically, some of the “homework” part is done for you after we make decisions together. The goal is for you to get systems and practices in place as quickly as possible for you to “take the ball and run with it”. This option requires less of your time to get the changes and improvements in place, but you know your business better than anyone, so you are still an integral part of it’s success.

Home/Personal Organizing

  1. Decluttering Purging, Containerizing, Space Optimiziation
  2. Home Staging – expert in using your furnishings with minimal added accessories to make your home shine for potential buyers
  3. Paper Management Paper Flow, Filing Systems
  4. Personal Finance Bill Payment, Budgeting, Credit Coaching

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Other Services

Complete Small Business Management Services

Real Estate Sales Consulting – full service to Sellers and Buyers of residential real estate (ask for more information)